The Best Baby Doll Strollers

If you’re looking for a stroller for your little one’s doll you won’t be hard-pressed for options. Deciding which stroller is best for your little one is a timely task so let’s condense the options to help you decide.

Mommy and Me My First Doll Stroller

A stroller made by a company as renowned as Mommy and Me is sure to be a safe bet for your child.
This Mommy and Me stroller is fit for an older child that appreciates the realistic nature of this product. The structure of the stroller is similar to many fit for human babies as opposed to the flimsy variety often seen in the baby doll stroller market.

The stroller occupies dimensions of 20 x 10 x 4 inches so is best suited to an older child or a very committed doll parent that wishes to grow with their children.

Unfortunately, the plastic wheels on this stroller make it best suited to home use or over smooth ground. Letting your child take their doll on a gravel or dirt path may not be the best option for this stroller.

Mommy and Me Babyboo Stroller

For those that want a stroller that can last some ruff and tumble outside then look no further than the Mommy and Me Babyboo Stroller. This is likely one of the sturdiest toy strollers on the market meaning that it’ll last you for as long as your child wants to play with it which, with this life-like option, will be years to come.

One of the few strollers with thicker swiveling wheels, the Mommy and Me Babyboo stroller is just as fit for home use as it is for outdoor usage.

This stroller doesn’t fold away and is rather bulky in size spanning 21 x 15 x 7 inches. So, if space is an issue, perhaps one of our other folding choices is best suited for your child and your home.

The New York Doll Collection My First Stroller

This stable and convincing stroller will soon become one of your child’s favorite toys thanks to its quality, style, and stability. This stroller comfortably fits a doll up to 18inches meaning that this stroller can be used for an array of your child’s very own toys.

This stroller stands at 20.5 inches tall meaning that it can grow with your child as opposed to many strollers with such minuscule sizing. The size and quality of this stroller mean that it would be apt for use from 24 months to 4 years whereas many strollers offer a fleeting period of use thanks to our growing children.

If your little tyke likes to do plenty of off-roading with this stroller, it might be best to look for a stroller with rubber tires. Even despite the double wheels, the plastic coating won’t do so well on anything but smooth, hard ground.

Mommy and Me My First Jogger

For those on the move and tight on space, this foldable jogger option is a great option. This three-wheeled stroller has excellent stability for your more rambunctious children as well as being fitted with some rather hefty wheels.

As excellent as this stroller is, this particular model has rather limited color options so should you be looking for something that isn’t pink you will be hard-pressed to find it in the Mommy and Me My First Jogger Stroller.


Some brands dominate the market such as Mommy and Me and The New York Doll Collection and for good reason.

Both brands offer plenty of options to suit both you and your child’s needs. Whether you’re looking for an exclusively at-home stroller or one that can do a little off-roading you are sure to find an option amongst these heavy-weight strollers.