"Durable" Marley mesh comfort baby shoes

“Durable” Marley mesh comfort baby shoes

You should look lot of things when shopping for shoes for your baby or infant or as a gift for your friends baby. Among them is the most important things is shoes softness.Your child will more comfort by wearing shoes.We are highly recommended this “Durable” Marley mesh comfort baby shoe is the best choice for your baby.

It’s Upper sole made of material Mesh (Air mesh) and Out sole Material made of TPR(Thermoplastic Rubber). It is Suitable for summer Seasons.There are three types of colors are available in these shoes Black, Pink and white. Your baby can easy to put on and off those shoes. You can buy this product with your favorite size for your little one.

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“Durable” Marley mesh comfort baby shoes

Limited Edition 'Marley Play' Velcro Sandals [v. 2]

Limited Edition ‘Marley Play’ Velcro Sandals [v. 2]

Limited Edition of Marley Play baby sandals is back gain with new design and style. This is more flexible. Durable and Comfortable. Easily washable, So, ensure the Long-time use.

As we do care for your First walker, we ensure all of our baby shoes are anti-slip. Your little honey can keep their very first with Limited Edition ‘Marley Play’ Velcro Sandals [v. 2]. The weather is HOT enough to make sweat of your little bees’ soft feet. But no need to worry about that, this baby sandals have Cotton fabric material which make is perfectly breathable.

You can buy some trendy baby clothes from our shop and make a perfect pair with this trendy baby shoes.

Marley Play Velcro Sandals come with huge size variants, we recommend to check the insole size before place your order. This is so Limited in edition, to get the 50% DISCOUNT, lock yours right now.


Regular Price – $42

Sale Price – $21


Limited Edition ‘Marley Play’ Velcro Sandals [v. 2]

'Horseshoe' Marley Mesh Comfort Sport Sneaker

‘Horseshoe’ Marley Mesh Comfort Sport Sneaker

Great news for the Marley Mesh lover. As your demand our Fashion designers got something very special for you. The ‘Horseshoe’ Marley Mesh Comfort Sport Sneaker is here with new design and new trends to boost your comfortable baby shoes collection.

Breathable Air Mesh fabric ensure no sweating for this HOT summer. And the rubber sole is anti-skid for your First walker. Most importantly, elastic closure system helps them to take on and off their shoes with own hand.

For different colors like Blue, Black, Ash and Red. Specially the blue one is supper gorgeous. Just have a look, the Shallow fashion element will definitely attract you. For sure, our Fashionista MOM will fall in love with this Trendy baby shoes.

No need to worry about the size, ‘Horseshoe’ Marley Mesh Comfort Sport Sneaker is suitable for 0 to 24 months baby. And if you want bigger size, contact us, we will try to fulfill your requirements.

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Regular Price – $32

Sale Price – $17.50


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‘Horseshoe’ Marley Mesh Comfort Sport Sneaker

Babylon First Walker Canvas Sandal (DISCOUNT!!)

Babylon First Walker Canvas Sandal (DISCOUNT!!)

It’s so tough to maintain the FASHION in the HOT summer season. But we are here to help you to deal with FASHION and COMFORT together. Check this out our Babylon First Walker Canvas Sandal (DISCOUNT!!). Isn’t it enough for your little baby boy?

For the first walker the baby shoes should be breathable, flexible and bendable, which will support them to feel the ground they want to touch.

To reduce your extra hassle, lets allow your little honey to wear and take off his shoes with his own. So, these shoes contain Velcro closure type. And please don’t use socks, to get rid of from unwanted sweating.

Available colors are Blue, Navy blue, Khaki, Grey and White. And the sizes are size 1 (for 0 to 6 months baby) size 2 (for 6 to 12 months baby) and (size 3 for 12 to 18 months baby)

But this Babylon First Walker Canvas Sandal to get 45% DISCOUNT with World wide FREE SHIPPING within 2-3 weeks.


Regular Price – $29

Sale Price – $15.99



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Babylon First Walker Canvas Sandal (DISCOUNT!!)

Baby Shoes Guide for your Baby and Toddler

How to buy the Perfect baby shoes for your First walker


Without any knowledge of baby shoes, shopping will be frustrating. So, we are here to provide you a complete guide, which will help you to buy the best first walking shoe.

  1. Shoe material

Go for soft, breathable, flexible and bendable material to provide you baby the proper comfort. Do not but any shoes with stiff material like plastic.


  1. Sole

Injuries are the common for first walker. So, you should choose skid-proof or anti-slip rubber material as sole.


  1. Closure type

Three type closure is common in baby shoes. Velcro, straps and laces. But when they are started to step for the first time, you need to select a closure which is easy to take on and off. So, among all of them Velcro is the perfect for your little bees. It’s easy to wear and you baby boy or girl can easily wear it own.


  1. Heal type

To protect them from injuries, go with flat sport heal. They need to feel the ground with their feet. So, they need a bendable heal. Avoid high heal.


  1. Shoe size

The size of shoes is most important because their size will be changed within 2-6 months. You need to check you baby’s feet size following the chart.

Age Recommended checking
1-2 Years Every 2 months
3-4 Years Every 4 months
5-6 Years                                               Every 6 months

Hopefully now you are ready to go, chose the perfect baby shoe for first walker. Wish you a happy shopping for you baby boy and girl.


'Wag' Sport Flex Baby Sneakers

‘Wag’ Sport Flex Baby Sneakers

Comfort is must for your first walker. So, without any hesitation grab this ‘Wag’ Sport Flex Baby Sneakers. The Cotton insole material ensure the soft warmness for the little bees.

We know first walkers are love to touch and feel the ground with their foot. This sport baby shoes are suitable for your fun loving and playful little honey. To make them active inspire them to take on and off their own shoes. And Hook and Loop closure type will help them to learn how to wear the footwear.

Animal prints on three different gorgeous color, watermelon red, pink and blue. Skid-proof rubber sole with breathable fabric suitable for playing, walking or running on street. Just get a Trendy baby clothes, make a great pair, allow them to rock with this trendy baby shoes.

And you have only 9 days left to buy this first walking baby sneakers with 40% DISCOUNT and as usual FREE SHIPPING available for 5 different countries.



Regular Price – $34.99

Sale Price – $20.99


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‘Wag’ Sport Flex Baby Sneakers

'Honeycomb' Slip-on Sport Sneaker

‘Honeycomb’ Slip-on Sport Sneaker

In this summer we have listed one new trendy baby shoes in our online store. This ‘Honeycomb’ Slip-on Sport Sneaker has the flexibility to meet your little one needs from the morning to the night.

These shoe color variations and air mesh Design will make your baby look more beautiful and obviously it so special for you.

These shoes are Anti-collision, wear-proof, skid resistance and soft mesh provides more protection for your kids. It’s Uppersole made of Mesh (Air mesh) and Outsole Material made of Rubber. Your baby can easy to wear and take off those shoes. You can buy this product with your favorite color and size for your little one.

Size is available form baby Age Range:12M,13M,14M,15m,16M,17M,18M,19M,20M,21M,22M,23M,24M,25M,26M,27M,28M,29M,30M,31M,32M,33M,34M,35M,3T,4T,5T,6T,7T.

Color is available form black, white, green, blue, orange, gray and red.

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‘Honeycomb’ Slip-on Sport Sneaker

Sport-Tech Street Baby Sandals

Sport-Tech Street Baby Sandals

Hot collection for this HOTTEST summer – Sport-Tech Street Baby Sandals. Trendy design, Elegant look and Comfortable to wear, Perfect unisex baby shoe.

This toddler boy and girl baby shoe has Flat heels and anti-skid rubber sole. To make easy on and take off, closure type is Hook and Loop. Different size variant – 5T, 6T, 4T and 3T. We request you to see the size chart before place an order.

Army green, Blue and classic Black, you can choose any color for your Baby prince or princess.  As your most trusted and favorite online baby shopping site, we ensure the lowest price with best quality products. So, we offer 55% BIG SALE for this Baby shoe.  This comes with very LIMITED in stock. So place you order and get FREE SHIPPING worldwide.


Regular Price – $44

Sale Price – $19.90


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Sport-Tech Street Baby Sandals

Vintage 'Florence' Low Sneakers [LIMITED EDITION]

Vintage ‘Florence’ Low Sneakers [LIMITED EDITION]

For the Fashion lover baby princess, we are presenting you the Vintage ‘Florence’ Low Sneakers [LIMITED EDITION]. This HOT collection is recommended by Fashion blogger and designed by our Designer in our own Studio.

These trendy baby shoes, a perfect blend of Vintage and Floral on classic converse, will look her cooler and more beautiful. Perfect color combination makes it supper gorgeous.

Canvas as upper material and Soft rubber as insole material makes it extremely Breathable. And the elastic closure system ensures your baby’s feet are safe.

Vintage ‘Florence’ Low Sneakers is a limited-edition baby shoe. So, you need to lock yours right now for your kids and toddler baby girl. Available sizes for toddler – 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13 and nor kids – 1, 2, 3.

Colors are Black and White. Buy now to get 40% discount with FREE SHIPPING.


Regular Price – $65

Sale Price – $38.80



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Vintage ‘Florence’ Low Sneakers [LIMITED EDITION]

'Stylencia' Sport Baby Sneaker

‘Stylencia’ Sport Baby Sneaker

TooCuteForMe – best online baby shopping store presenting you another trendy baby shoes. ‘Stylencia’ Sport Baby Sneaker is all about classic European Style. If you kids are Sports lover and fun loving then this would be the perfect sneakers for you.

Pink, Yellow, Black, Red, Blue and white these all are fresh color to attract your little one. Cotton as lining material, Rubber as insole and outsole material which make it breathable and perfect for every season. This unisex baby sneaker has the classic Hook & Loop closure style. Our baby prince and princess will easily get the Attention to rock the TOWN.

Buy this limited edition ‘Stylencia’ Sport Baby Sneaker with 40% DISCOUNT and FREE SHIPPING and make a great pair with Trendy baby clothes.


  • Regular Price – $37.50

  • Sale Price – $22.50


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‘Stylencia’ Sport Baby Sneaker