An uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration is very common among toddlers. With this temper tantrums, many other behavioral mishaps are most likely to be seen at the very early stage of upraising. Toddlers are very much attracted to the unknown but you cannot let them every time quench their thirst. Sometimes they may endanger their life being attracted to dangerous elements. Its human nature to be attracted to the things that are forbidden; your child will be no different. The more you ban on things the more they will get curious and angry about those. They cannot suppress their feelings in a proper way. Moreover, they get excited about events not getting their own way. Some toddlers cannot express their needs and wants properly, some face sibling’s rivalry, some have very high expectations from their parents, some are attention seeker but don’t get proper focusing etc.



All these reasons leads to high temperament and at last behavioral problems. No matter what the reasons are you should reflect them promptly and try to correct them or these will remain uncorrected the whole life.

If you are to resolve the behavioral issues first you have to understand what triggers those issues and then how to mitigate them. Some behavioral issues are mentioned below:


It is a very common phenomenon seen among the children’s. Aggressive behavior quite normal in the age range of 1-4years. Amateur impulse control is the main reason that drives aggression. You must be very careful dealing with this behavior. These unwanted behaviors should be dealt with proper care.

Attention Hungry

Your toddler needs your constant attention (especially from mothers). The second you distract your focus from them they will start acting weird. Whatever directs your consideration away from her (a telephone call, for instance) is ordinarily threatening to her very presence. They constantly seek your attention and they won’t compromise a little with this. To their perspective, you are not allowed to do other tasks; all your time is only and only for them.

Screaming/ Whining

Both aggression and attention-seeking lead to screaming. It’s their way of responding to any unwanted situation. Sometimes they feel irritated and start screaming among the crowd to make you feel irritated. Avoid those situations that tempt your toddler and divert her focus from the irritating incident. Don’t even try to impose something on your kid. Imposing anything on your child will turn the situation in the bad phase. You may succeed one or two times but in the long run, you will be the sufferer of their stubbornness.


Running Away

Toddlers don’t want to face their misdeeds. If they messed something up, they will eventually run from that. They tend to run far away without facing the problems. Sometimes they develop a sense of independence and want to be free from any types of bindings. Sometimes they seek your attention and start running knowing that you will run after them. They enjoy these running errands and catching game.


At an early age, your child cannot differentiate between reality and fantasy. His creativity is growing- an active imagination will help them lie. The concept of lying and telling the truth is all the same to your 2-3years old baby. Furthermore, sometimes they simply forget and sometimes they built the angel syndrome where they think very highly of himself and thinks they cannot perform any ill task.


Children tattle to be the ideal child in the eyes of her parents or teacher. Through tattling, they try to express that they are superior to others. Sometimes they just tattle to humiliate other kids those they do not like at all. Often Childs tell lies and tattle against their siblings. Tattling has some positive effects. It also depicts that your baby has the ability to distinguish right from wrong and they want to be on the right side. But complaining about others is not acceptable at all and you should take immediate action against tattling.

Throwing Things

Your toddler may seem to like throwing all the things she found in her grasp. It’s her new type of playing as it involves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Don’t punish her for all the new things she is learning. Rather show her what she can throw. Provide her with a ball to throw and catch thus develop their motor skills.

The above-mentioned behaviors are quite natural to be seen among most of the toddler. Apart from these, they can also display other behavioral problems. You should act accordingly but very gently. Any mistake from your side will worsen the scenario. The situations have to be handled very delicately otherwise it will leave a permanent impression in your child. So be very careful before taking any steps against your child’s actions. You can also discuss your child’s behavior with the child psychiatrist. The common tips are given below showing a way how to mitigate early behavioral problems of your child-

Show your Affection: Don’t scold or provide physical punishment to your child’s wrong deeds. Hugs them, kiss them, praise them for their good deeds. These will eventually lower the wrong deeds rates. When your kid does something terrible keep your cool. Instead of punishing them, provide logical consequences and ask her for an explanation.

Encourage Communication: If your baby outburst into aggression or anger simply wait for your toddler to settle down then ask her what triggers the outrage and show a way how to control it.

Avoid Unwanted Situations: Avoid all those events that irritate your child. Before resolving any behavioral problem, know your child. Provide her with the attention they seek and also study their natural instincts. Know their routine, when they feel hunger, when they want to play, when they get tired and want to go to bed when they like to go outside to play etc. You can also set them a daily routine but follow that strictly. Any irregularity may cause discomfort to your toddler.

Place Your Request: If your child doesn’t want to perform any task but you want the task to be performed, don’t just impose or force them to do that rather request repeatedly and if possible provide an explanation why they should do the task. At last, they will keep your request. But if you force them to do the task it will leave an inverse effect on your toddler’s mind.

Encourage Your Child’s Independence: Offer choices to your baby when possible. Help them to build decision making characteristics from an early age. If their will is respected they will respect your will. It’s a two-way process- give and take.

Set a Proper Example: Children mimic their parents. Don’t forbid something that you personally perform. Those acts will arise a question that moms and dads are doing it; why I can’t!!! Always set a positive example for him or her to follow.

Parenting is not an easy task to perform. You have to be very careful about your every move. Child upbringing won’t be easy but it will come to you eventually when you follow certain tips and tricks. Always try to provide the best for your baby. We are committed to providing the best for your baby. Take a look at our website TooCuteForMe. You will find the best baby shoesbaby accessories and grooming kits here.



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 Leather Bow-Knot Little Girl Shoes

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Super Cozy Newborn Baby Girl’s Snow Shoes

The Brand New Super Cozy Newborn Baby Girl’s Snow Shoes offer the fullest comfort, warmth, and fun. With its divine comfort and identical fashionability, it deserves to be one of the most adored matches for your child’s first Christmas outfit. Presently, give the most pleasant design to your baby offering the Super Cozy Fleece Baby Shoes with something charming and enchanting outfit. The Super Cozy Fleece shoes are as delicate as can be with soft fleece and high-quality suede fabricated upper and yarn constructed outsole. Cotton fabric upper and the plush material will provide ultra-comfort and softness to your baby. The yarn sole provides a soft base for your baby’s sensitive feet, while its round toe design and soft construction ensure the sound advancement of your baby’s feet.


Due to high insulating properties, the baby’s feet remain comfortable during chilly weathers, keeps perfect breathability. Durable yarn made outsole inherits great anti-slip properties. The slip-on closure system makes these infant booties easy to put on, take off, and most importantly stable on your baby’s feet. If you are searching for delicate comfortable shoes for your little princess, at that point you can consider purchasing these plush snow shoes.

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First Walkers Baby Girl’s Crown Shoes


Baby first steps are always special and to make them all the more memorable, get these glossy delicate crown shoes for your infant and cause her to seem like a princess. Your child will be the focal point of everybody. It has an enchanting charming shimmering gleaming appearance that will make your child look delightful like a princess. Its crown band configuration gives a remarkable look that your infant will venerate. Its perforated ribbon takes it to the new level. Its lightweight and non-slip sole are all around intended to make strolling agreeable by providing impeccable gripping. The Velcro fastening system can be adjusted to your baby’s foot girth. Its cotton outsole and Velcro fastening system provide the easiness of wearing. Your baby will appear beautiful wearing these shoes like never before. It will definitely be your baby’s favorite shoe.

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‘Comfy’ Baby Girl’s Rivet Flat shoes

These beguiling shoes are extraordinarily in vogue yet manufactured keeping on mind the prosperity issues of your child. The upper part is formed by faux leather which imparts breathability to the toe. These slip-on shoes are enlivened with rivets that provide a unique touch to your baby’s look. Metallic rivets create a perfect glow that amplifies the shine of the upper part. High-quality sponge and durable outsoles give comfort and secure the bottom of feet from fatigue or pain. It’s comfortable and plain outsole secures your baby girl’s movement onward non-uniform surfaces. Buckle pin hole fastening system helps in proper adjustment also merges with the beautiful texture of the shoe. The tight tongue attaching is appropriately agreeable to your little baby’s feet. Grab these quickly for your little baby.


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‘Eurovix’ Hi Top Leather Shoes


Kids are going bonkers this season for ‘Eurovix’ Hi Top Leather Shoes. These amazing shoes are constructed using PU Leather upper imitating the natural grain surface. The tongue and the toe cap is constructed using only one part. So, there are fewer chances of flex cracks. The rubber sole provides enough traction to your little girl and keeps them secure. The cotton lining remains in direct contact with the skin and ensures comfort. The dual zip closure system makes the shoe easy to put on and off. The plush material at the counter part and the tongue provides comfort to your baby girl. The sewing label and the starry runner leash make these shoes extremely fashionable. Grab these amazing baby shoes for your little girl and make her delight.


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‘Bunny Pom’ Baby Sneakers


These Baby shoes elegant Style and unique design make your baby look fashionable and more attractive. Its lightweight, soft sole, anti-slip, and well-crafted design keep the shoes stay on the little feet of your baby. The rabbit ear with a cute pom-pom design will definitely be adored by your baby; your baby will love it! These beautiful shoes are perfect for every occasion. It is constructed using soft leather with Cotton as insole material. The quality materials assured the comfort of your baby’s feet. The skid-proof outsole keeps your little angel balanced and secured.

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New ‘Greta’ First Walkers


These ‘Greta’ shoes are quite fashionable yet conform to your baby’s safety regulations. The fabric material creates a unique upper contrast while providing comfort to your baby’s feet. The soft denim sole creates a soft base for your baby’s delicate feet. The grid lines at the sole create traction on the slippery surfaces. The Velcro fastening system provides the ease of wearing as the shoes can be worn according to your baby’s foot girth. The upper fabric material ensures breathability and keeps your baby’s feet dry and sweat-free. You can consider buying these amazing shoes for your baby girl.

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Baby Girl’s Best Florence Bloom Sneakers

Baby Girl’s Best Florence Bloom Sneakers


Parents ended up spending a fortune on baby girl’s shoes but felt frustrated that nobody bridged the gap between fashion and comfort. The parents should not put their baby’s delicate feet in harm’s way in favor of style. Yet, they didn’t need their infant wearing ugly “clodhoppers” around all over the place, either. On the off chance that they can get the mix of style and capacity in only one pair then it will be totally astonishing.

Different sorts of toddler girl shoes are accessible in the market. There are huge amounts of baby shoe manufacturing companies extending from the completely charming little baby girl shoes to shoes that are only for practical purposes. In this period of promoting and publicizing, you can easily get diverted from your prerequisites. Finding the correct pair of shoes can be somewhat challenging. Guardians ought to have a piece of good knowledge about baby foot development and shoes. With every one of these necessities who don’t want an additional tasteful aesthetic appearance!!

Get rid of those awful looking shoes and get the best for your baby girl. Adds fashion to your baby’s girl’s outfit with ensuring comfort. Take a look at the Florence bloom sneakers that perfectly imitates a natural blooming flower or acts as mother pearl that holds many little pearls. In the upcoming winter season grab one of these shoes for your princess’ little foot and you won’t regret at all. We have gathered 3 most beautiful appearing shoes available on the marketplace especially for your little princess to make her stand out. You will definitely fall in love with these shoes.

Vintage ‘Florence Bloom’ Hi-Top Sneakers

Baby Girl’s Best Florence Bloom Sneakers

These Florence bloom shoes will be your baby’s new most loved shoe! These stunning flower configuration shoes will without a doubt be adored by your little princess. The flower winter sneaker shoe is the ideal mix of design and solace. The breathable leather upper and the cotton lining provide ultra-comfort to the wearer. These shoes twist effectively in your grasp.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that little children wear lightweight and adaptable shoes that enable their feet to move normally. These sneakers completely comply with that. The high-quality soft rubber sole makes it extremely durable and creates enough traction. Pair them with anything from cutoff shorts and tank, to a short sleeve move dress for the ideal energetic chic look! If you are searching for fashionable comfy footwear in this winter season, then you can consider purchasing this amazing baby girl’s shoes.

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Vintage ‘Florence Bloom’ Sneakers

Baby Girl’s Best Florence Bloom Sneakers

Vintage ‘Florence Bloom’ Sneakers are one of a kind, handmade, and premium quality baby girl’s shoes. Vintage ‘Florence Bloom” Sneakers have been made as LIMITED EDITION footwear for the baby girls. These baby shoes first introduced imitating the natural flower design and incorporate those into the baby girl’s shoes. The combination looks mesmerizing.

The design looks so attractive that sometimes it creates a mirage of a flower blooming in your baby girl’s shoe. These shoes will definitely be adored by your baby and your baby will put these flowery shoes on all days. To make it breathable for your little angel we utilized, canvas as upper and delicate elastic as insole material. These shoes are simple to wear and take off with a laced up framework. The impersonation blooms create an aesthetic beauty. Your baby girl will appear ultra-fashionable putting on these floral shoes. You can completely rely on this trendy baby girl’s shoes. These Baby shoes will serve you both the purpose- adds fashion and functionality.

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‘Lustre Pearl’ Hi-Top Sneaker

Baby Girl’s Best Florence Bloom Sneakers


The ‘Lustre Pearl’ Hi-Top Sneaker is a complete stylish footwear wonder that would be perfect for your baby girl this winter. This beautiful footwear features durable satin lace strings, leatherette material, artificial pearl rivets, side zipper enclosure, and outright flawless styling! The addition of pearl bolts adds an extra flair to this pair of shoes.

The satin laced design also looks amazing. Now put your toddler baby girls in these gorgeous shoes to make them the princess of your domain! The high-quality beautifully constructed shoes include both style and eye-catching colors that will enrich your baby’s wardrobe. Bring lots of compliments for your little princess & enhance her self-confidence offering these comfy shoes. Grab these amazing shoes while they are still online!

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‘Limited Edition’ Florence Bloom Hi-Top Sneakers [v. 3]

These amazing sneakers have a whimsical Garden theme with gorgeous flowers accented with leaves and rhinestone set that transforms your ordinary shoes into elite designer shoes. The little girl shoes have off blended pearls & rhinestone so these shoe clips can complement any dress. The unique leaf and floral decoration will turn your little baby into a blooming flower. Your baby will look as beautiful and fresh like a summer garden. They are connected to canvas shoe cuts on the back that won’t hurt the delicate feet! The soft fabric insole ensures the simplicity of wearing these shoes.

Baby Girl’s Best Florence Bloom Sneakers


These amazing shoes are a sparkling example of beauty and functionality. The baby sneakers will decorate your princess’s feet and make them really special for any occasion. Get these floral shoes that your baby will definitely adore.

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No more wasting time surfing different websites while we offer you the perfect winter footwear for your baby girl. The above-mentioned shoes are the complete packages that purely serve both purposes of aesthetic beauty and comfortability. These colorful shoes also help your baby to develop the color sensing power. Every little girl is like a fresh flower blooming in a garden, so get them these floral shoes and express your affection for them. The floral appearance will make them joyous and sure to gain popularity.

Get away from traditional styling and vintage details and grab vivid hues and quieter Florence bloom styling baby shoes. Provide your baby an amazing floral feminine feel, but with being twee or childlike. These adorable baby shoes are blends of contemporary details with traditional quality child safe materials.  We feel that this juxtaposition sets TooCuteForMe apart from other baby girl’s footwear brands. Consider buying the above-described shoes and you’ll unquestionably have genuine feelings of serenity realizing you’re settling on a brilliant decision for your baby girl. These shoes would be a great selection for your baby girl.

You can also take a look at our lovely shoe collection for baby girls and for baby boys. You will find lots of kinds of shoes in many adorable models and colors: soft soles, sandals or even boots.

Put Your Toddler’s Feet into the Perfect Sized Shoes

Put Your Toddler’s Feet into the Perfect Sized Shoes

Each child’s feet develop distinctively and at different times. In fact, your child’s feet could be smaller or larger than the suggested size for her or his age. Baby shoe measuring is commonly characterized by age. Remember, in any case, that child’s feet develop in an unexpected way, it could be smaller or larger for their age, or the recommended shoe size may fit differently. For this purpose, we prescribe estimating your infant’s feet at regular intervals. At that point look into the size in our baby shoe size diagram by age.

How to Measure Baby Shoe Sizes

There is a wide range of approaches to quantify the toddler shoe size. Some are less difficult than others and require lesser materials. A Brannock gadget, the standard device used to gauge the foot size. Be that as it may, little child’s feet are too little to even think about fitting into the gadget. Along these lines, Brannock isn’t reasonable for the toddler.

Some size converters are likewise accessible on the web yet nothing beats really giving your child a chance to fit the right shoe before purchasing, yet for those that need to do it at the solace of their own home, here are the two best ways:

  1. Measuring your Baby’s Feet with a Tape Measure:

Required Materials-

  • Clipboard or hard surface
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Steps to measure your baby’s feet-

  • Secure a bit of paper on a clipboard or tape it to another hard, compact surface
  • Extend the baby’s leg and hold the foot up to the pape

Put Your Toddler’s Feet into the Perfect Sized Shoes

  • Draw a line at the base of the heel and the top over the tallest toe. Repeat for the other foot
  • Measure the distance between the two lines in centimeters utilizing a ruler. Use the longer of the two measurements

Use this estimation in a baby shoe diagram to decide the toddler’s shoe size.

  1. Using a 1:1 Shoe Sizing Guide Scale:
  • Download a printable child shoe size guide or size converter and set the printing scale to 100%. This will guarantee that the size guide has a similar proportion to the youngster’s foot.
  • Follow the particular guidance given in the shoe size graph or guide that you printed. Each size guide will, in general, have various techniques however when all is said in done, you’ll simply need to give your infant a chance to step on the guide with the greatest toe lined up with the toe in the size guide.
  • Note down the measured numbers and repeat the procedure for the other feet.

** Measure your baby’s feet at the end of the day when her feet are more likely to be swollen and at their largest size.

Using one of the above-mentioned techniques you can easily measure your child’s feet and determine the toddler’s shoe size according to the following charts:

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Put Your Toddler’s Feet into the Perfect Sized Shoes


Baby Shoe Size Chart by Age

As a general guide, use our baby shoe size chart by age which shows foot measurement by a child’s age. These charts will work for most shoe styles and brands at the specified age whether they are sneakers, sandals, or boots. The charts are categorized according to different phase of your baby. The charts are given below-

Infant Shoes Size Chart:

Age In. Cm. Size (US/CA) Size (EU) Size (UK) Size (JP)
Birth–6 weeks 3⅛ 7.9 0 15 0 7.5
6 weeks–3 months 8.3 0.5 16 0.5 8
8.9 1 16 0.5 8.5
3–9 months 3⅝ 9.2 1.5 17 1 9
9.5 2 17 1 9.5
6–9 months 4 10.2 2.5 18 1.5 10
4⅛ 10.5 3 18 2 10.5
9–12 months 10.8 3.5 19 2.5 11
11.4 4 19 3 11.5


Baby Walker Shoes Size Chart (12–24 Months):

Age In. Cm. Size (US/CA) Size (EU) Size (UK) Size (JP)
9–12 months 4⅝ 11.7 4.5 20 3.5 12
12–18 months 12.1 5 20 4 12.5
5 12.7 5.5 21 4.5 13
12–24 months 5⅛ 13 6 22 5 13.5
13.3 6.5 22 5.5 14
14 7 23 6 14.5


Toddler Shoe Size Chart (2–4 Years):

In. Cm. Size (US/CA) Size (EU) Size (UK) Size (JP)
5⅝ 14.3 7.5 24 6.5 15
14.6 8 24 7 15.5
6 15.2 8.5 25 7.5 15.5
6⅛ 15.6 9 25 8 16
15.9 9.5 26 8.5 16.5
16.5 10 27 9 17
6⅝ 16.8 10.5 27 9.5 17.5
17.1 11 28 10 18
7 17.8 11.5 29 10.5 18.5
7⅛ 18.1 12 30 11 18.5


Little Kids’ Shoe Sizes (4–8 Years):

In. Cm. Size (US/CA) Size (EU) Size (UK) Size (JP)
18.4 12.5 30 11.5 19
19.1 13 31 12 19.5
7⅝ 19.4 13.5 31 12.5 20
19.7 1 32 13 20.5
8 20.3 1.5 33 13.5 21
8⅛ 20.6 2 33 1 21.5
21 2.5 34 1.5 21.5
21.6 3 34 2 22


Big Kids’ Shoe Sizes (8–12 Years):

In. Cm. Size (US/CA) Size (EU) Size (UK) Size (JP)
8⅝ 21.9 3.5 35 2.5 22.5
22.2 4 36 3 23
9 22.9 4.5 36 3.5 23.5
9⅛ 23.2 5 37 4 24
23.5 5.5 37 4.5 24.5
24.1 6 38 5 25
9⅝ 24.4 6.5 38 5.5 25.5
24.8 7 39 6 26


But you are not yet done, you are just halfway there. After determining the shoe size you have to ensure the comfort fit.

Here Are Some Tips for Buying Baby Shoes:

Put Your Toddler’s Feet into the Perfect Sized Shoes

  • Add 0.5 – 0.7 inches for the shoes to give your child’s feet enough squirm room and not confine the best possible development of their feet. A poor fit could prompt progressively genuine foot issues later on.
  • Make sure to use the longest foot measurement as a basis for the size. Better have an allowance rather than buy a pair that only fits one foot.
  • It is suggested that foot estimation is taken each 2-3 months in the initial two years of age to guarantee the right shoe size.
  • Enter your pinky between the heel and the counterpart of the baby shoe. You ought to have the option to crush it in. On the off chance that it effectively fits with no exertion, the shoes are too enormous. On the off chance that you can’t press it in, the shoes are excessively little.
  • With your toddler’s shoes on, push on the shoe simply over the longest toe. There ought to be around one finger-widths room between that toe and the highest point of the shoe.
  • You ought to have the option to squeeze a portion of the material between your fingers at the largest point. On the off chance that you can’t do this, at that point they are excessively tight.
  • Before purchasing baby shoes on the web, recognize the measuring standard utilized whether it is in the US, UK or European size to ensure that the size change is right.
  • Different sizing systems are popular in different regions such as Paris Point, British Sizing System, Mondo Point, etc. You should be cautious about which size chart you are using for measuring the shoe size.

High Time to Change Your Baby Shoe:

Children foot estimation become rapidly as their body creates. Children shoe estimating is said to change two sizes every year as their foot estimation increment. Thus, it is important to ensure that their shoes are still the right size as they grow along.

At the point when your infant starts taking off the shoe, hauling it when strolling or when your little child trips as often as possible, it might be the ideal time for greater shoe size. Some of the time, you will likewise see some red marks on their feet which mean their shoes are excessively tight and you have to conform to a greater one.


There you have it – all that you had to think about estimating the ideal shoe size and picking the ideal fit for your infant’s modest little feet. Picking shoes for your baby can be an inconvenient work since they can’t complain to you about it. You must be extremely choosy about this situation and don’t be rushed about that. You are picking your baby’s first strolling shoes so you must be particularly sure that it gets together every one of the criteria. Choosing the right size baby shoe is the key to maintain a perfect fit. So, measure your baby’s feet cautiously before buying shoes. A pair of shoes with the right fit can make a huge difference for your little one. Not only is finding the right size more comfortable for them, but it also promotes healthy foot growth and protects them as they explore their world more and more.

You need a new pair of shoe for every exciting stage of your baby’s growth and development. You can check out our 2 new arrival sneakers- Marley Mesh and Florence Bloom. You can also take a look at our lovely shoe collection for baby girls and for baby boys. You will find lots of kinds of shoes in many adorable models and colors: soft soles, sandals or even boots.

Pick the Best Baby Shoes: For Their Strolling Days and Beyond!

Pick the Best Baby Shoes: For Their Strolling Days and Beyond!

Looking for your child’s first shoes can be loaded with bliss and excitement, however somewhat overwhelming if you don’t know how to start and where to start. If you are a first-time parent, then it becomes more difficult to decide items like shoes for the baby. As soon as the baby starts crawling and show interest in walking start searching for the right pair of baby shoes. Even if the baby is infant it becomes necessary to choose soft sole baby shoes to protect their tender heel and the foot. Putting baby shoes protect them from direct exposure of the season as well. The easiest thing is to break down exactly what you need. At first, clearly note down the requirements the baby shoe must fulfill. And once you’ve got your list clear, it all becomes a little easier for you to search for baby shoes that match those requirements.

Picking the Perfect First Shoes

Choosing shoes for your toddler can be a troublesome work because they cannot complain to you about it. You have to be very choosy in this case and don’t be hasty about that. You are choosing your baby’s first walking shoes so you have to be very much certain that it meets up all the criteria.

Let us show you what to look for when you in search of the best baby shoes:

  • Check the Fit: The single most important thing to watch out for is choosing the right fit to justify the fast-growing nature of your baby feet. Without the right fit your toddler may face early foot diseases. Make sure the shoes are long and wide enough, with some room to grow. The toes shouldn’t hit the front of the shoe.
  •  Safety: The baby shoes should create enough traction to ensure the safety of your baby. Look for anti-skid outsoles that help your baby to keep balance.
  •  Breathability: Baby shoes must have breathable property or meshed structure as baby feet sweats a lot. The air permeability keeps the baby feet dry and sweat-free.
  •  Ease of wearing: You must provide emphasis on the lining materials that will be directly in contact with your baby feet. The lining or the contacted upper should not cause any discomfort or irritation even in extended use.
  •  Flexibility: The footwear should be enough bendy to ensure the snug fit.

You should look for all the above-mentioned characteristics when buying for your baby boy or girl. You should also look for attractive hues that will stimulate and develop a sense of vision.

‘Marley’ Mesh Comfort Sports Baby Sneaker

Pick the Best Baby Shoes: For Their Strolling Days and Beyond!

These amazing shoes will not compromise tiny a bit with your baby’s comfort. This unisex baby shoe made with soft Mesh fabric that permits air flow. The sneaker keeps your baby’s feet fresh and prevents sweat, bad odor or bacterial growth. The anti-slippery TPR outsole can handle hard and slippery terrains without any hassles. These trendy unisex sneakers will complement any outfits of your baby. If the comfort of the baby is your first priority then you can grab these Marley mesh sneakers without any doubt.


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Comfort ‘Marley Play’ Velcro Sandals

Pick the Best Baby Shoes: For Their Strolling Days and Beyond!

These ‘Marley Play’ baby girl’s sandals are recognized as being one of the best walking sandals for your baby. These sandals exhibit durability without compromising the comfort of wear. With its open strap mesh upper construction it will sure to provide breathability. The Velcro fastening is adjustable with your baby’s foot girth. Its anti-collision rubber sole serves as a comfortable base while provides grasp on the slippery surface. These are designed especially for spring and summer seasons. You can consider buying these sandals for your baby.




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‘Knitted’ Mesh Stretch Comfort Baby Sneaker

Pick the Best Baby Shoes: For Their Strolling Days and Beyond!

These all-season baby shoes have an amazing stretchy property that will ensure a comfort fit. These baby shoes will prevent cramping of toes and provides your baby the ease of wearing. These expandable shoes best match with the fast-developing baby feet. The knitted upper allows air passing and readily dry out moisture. Thus keeps your baby feet sweetness in the hot summer. But in the winter the knitted fabric entraps air and creates insulation and thus provides warmth. The skid-proof rubber outsole guarantees the safety of your little kid.  These knitted baby sneakers are the perfect companion of your baby regardless of any season.



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Vintage ‘Florence Bloom’ Hi-Top Sneakers

Pick the Best Baby Shoes: For Their Strolling Days and Beyond!

These Floral Sneakers will be your kid’s new favorite shoe! These amazing floral design shoes will surely be adored by your little princess. The floral summer sneaker is the perfect blend of fashion and comfort.  The breathable leather upper and the cotton lining provide ultra-comfort to the wearer. The high-quality soft rubber sole makes it and extremely durable. If you are searching for fashionable comfy footwear, then you can consider buying this amazing baby girl shoes.



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‘Mighty Mesh’ Soft Toddler Sneaker

Pick the Best Baby Shoes: For Their Strolling Days and Beyond!

These shoes will get the highest point in the case of fashion. These unisex baby shoes will make them appear attractive like never before. Its slip-on design helps to easily put on and off. Its soft sole takes excellent care of your baby’s tiny feet. These mighty mesh breathable shoes should be on the upper position of your choice list.



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Elegant Retro Hip Floral Sneakers

Pick the Best Baby Shoes: For Their Strolling Days and Beyond!

These gorgeous padded floral sneakers provide maximum comfort to your baby girl. These are the best fashionable baby girl shoes available on the market. It features dual stretch lace and Velcro enclosure that provides an easy on-off experience. This retro hipster style shoes will make your baby girl stand out. Its padded insole gives a slight cushioning effect and provides the ease of wearing. Its air-permeable property keeps your baby’s feet fresh even in extended use. These shoes would be a great selection for your baby girl.



***SALE PRICE: $20

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New ‘Taffy’ Martin Boots

Pick the Best Baby Shoes: For Their Strolling Days and Beyond!

These Taffy boots are well known for their craftsmanship. These high-quality elegant leather boots will surely add some flair to your baby’s costume. These shoes are soft and light, crafted to offer comfort and freedom to your baby’s feet. The leather upper, cotton lining and soft rubber outsole boots will ensure the ease of wearing. The round toe design perfectly matched with your fast-growing baby feet. The soft counterpart does not hurt your baby’s ankle. Grab these quality boots for your baby and you won’t regret.



***SALE PRICE: $25

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Majority of these shoes are approved by pediatricians reinstating the fact that these amazing shoes are mainly constructed to maintain the delicacy of your baby’s sensitive feet. At first, these shoes ensure your baby’s comfort then other values are added. In the past, many incidents pertaining to shoes have taken place causing problems to the child. Since it is the question of the health of children, therefore parents should not compromise on quality sighting price constraints. So, choose the best for your baby.

There you have it – everything you needed to know about the best baby shoes available in the market. You can also take a look at our lovely shoe collection for baby girls and for baby boys. You will find lots of kinds of shoes in many adorable models and colors: soft soles, sandals or even boots.

Luminous Lightweight Sports Casual Shoes

Luminous Lightweight Sports Casual Shoes


The brand new Luminous Lightweight Sports Casual Shoes can increase the delight of your child’s wearing shoes. These lovable Baby shoes have PU work secured upper layer which is astoundingly breathable, with high-repeat PU enhancements and cautious toe top help made of thermoplastic rubber.

Luminous Lightweight Sports Casual Shoes

Cotton lining, being very smooth, enables feet to effectively alter inside and includes warmth during the chilly climate. Multicolored LED lights with moderate luminosity include merriment.

Luminous Lightweight Sports Casual Shoes

The weight of the whole thing is very light which gives comfort to the baby while moving. Hook and Loop fastening system makes the adjustment an amicable component. Your child can roam around in these sports baby shoes throughout the day without feeling any uneasiness.


  • PU mesh fabricated breathable upper material
  • Egyptian Cotton made lining material
  • Glimpsing LED lights inside heels
  • Ultrasoft rubbery insole
  • Casual athletic lightweight shoes
  • Hook and Loop fastening system

Give your little baby this amazing luminous pair of boots that they will definitely adore. Grab it quickly for your baby before it gets out of stock.

***SALE PRICE: $22.40

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Baby Girl's Martin Boots

Baby Girl’s Martin Boots

Baby Girl’s Martin Boots has a charming rich appearance that will without a doubt add style to your little princess. The pink derby shoe is featured with some amazing qualities that will fully ensure your baby’s safety. The PU upper material gives your baby an adorable look while its anti-slip bottom ensures the safety of your child.

The large mouth opening provides ease. Its lightweight structure and cotton lining keep your infant’s feet agreeable even in extended wear. The padded counterpart intended to provide padding to the heel joint. This bootie is an extreme blend of design and usefulness.


  • Derby constructed baby booties
  • PU leather upper gives an elegant appearance
  • Cotton lining material for comfort
  • Anti-skid rubber sole for strong gripping
  • Big tongue opening for easy wearing
  • Lightweight & padding for additional comfort
  • Laced up closure

Let your little baby cuddle up in cozy comfort with these fashionable martin boots. Give your little princess this amazing pair of boots that she will definitely adore. Buy here!


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"Mickey Mouse" Baby First Walker Shoes

“Mickey Mouse” Baby First Walker Shoes

Before you order online to your baby’s first walking shoes, get started with knowing the right size.Because Size does matter for your first walking shoes.That’s why! We are suggest this “Mickey Mouse” Baby First Walker Shoes is the best shoes for ever.

This shoes other features are super cool.It’s Upper sole made of Canvas material and Out sole Material made of 100% Cotton. This shoes Inner length: 11cm/12cm/13cm. It is Suitable for Spring/Autumn Seasons.There are three types of colors are available in these shoes light blue, blue and red.You can buy this product with your favorite size for your little one. Size is avaliable from baby Ages: 0-6months,6-12months,12-18months.

Too Cute For Me is a famous online brand baby shop, the brand has been find on the web. We offer a variety of fashion styles of baby shoes for our customers.






“Mickey Mouse” Baby First Walker Shoes

"Durable" Marley mesh comfort baby shoes

“Durable” Marley mesh comfort baby shoes

You should look lot of things when shopping for shoes for your baby or infant or as a gift for your friends baby. Among them is the most important things is shoes softness.Your child will more comfort by wearing shoes.We are highly recommended this “Durable” Marley mesh comfort baby shoe is the best choice for your baby.

It’s Upper sole made of material Mesh (Air mesh) and Out sole Material made of TPR(Thermoplastic Rubber). It is Suitable for summer Seasons.There are three types of colors are available in these shoes Black, Pink and white. Your baby can easy to put on and off those shoes. You can buy this product with your favorite size for your little one.

Too Cute for me is one of the best global brand who sell baby shoes, baby clothes, and other baby accessories.We are offering 40% huge DISCOUNT for this”Durable” Marley mesh comfort baby shoes with FREE shipping.






“Durable” Marley mesh comfort baby shoes

Limited Edition 'Marley Play' Velcro Sandals [v. 2]

Limited Edition ‘Marley Play’ Velcro Sandals [v. 2]

Limited Edition of Marley Play baby sandals is back gain with new design and style. This is more flexible. Durable and Comfortable. Easily washable, So, ensure the Long-time use.

As we do care for your First walker, we ensure all of our baby shoes are anti-slip. Your little honey can keep their very first with Limited Edition ‘Marley Play’ Velcro Sandals [v. 2]. The weather is HOT enough to make sweat of your little bees’ soft feet. But no need to worry about that, this baby sandals have Cotton fabric material which make is perfectly breathable.

You can buy some trendy baby clothes from our shop and make a perfect pair with this trendy baby shoes.

Marley Play Velcro Sandals come with huge size variants, we recommend to check the insole size before place your order. This is so Limited in edition, to get the 50% DISCOUNT, lock yours right now.


Regular Price – $42

Sale Price – $21


Limited Edition ‘Marley Play’ Velcro Sandals [v. 2]