Put Your Toddler’s Feet into the Perfect Sized Shoes

Put Your Toddler’s Feet into the Perfect Sized Shoes

Each child’s feet develop distinctively and at different times. In fact, your child’s feet could be smaller or larger than the suggested size for her or his age. Baby shoe measuring is commonly characterized by age. Remember, in any case, that child’s feet develop in an unexpected way, it could be smaller or larger for their age, or the recommended shoe size may fit differently. For this purpose, we prescribe estimating your infant’s feet at regular intervals. At that point look into the size in our baby shoe size diagram by age.

How to Measure Baby Shoe Sizes

There is a wide range of approaches to quantify the toddler shoe size. Some are less difficult than others and require lesser materials. A Brannock gadget, the standard device used to gauge the foot size. Be that as it may, little child’s feet are too little to even think about fitting into the gadget. Along these lines, Brannock isn’t reasonable for the toddler.

Some size converters are likewise accessible on the web yet nothing beats really giving your child a chance to fit the right shoe before purchasing, yet for those that need to do it at the solace of their own home, here are the two best ways:

  1. Measuring your Baby’s Feet with a Tape Measure:

Required Materials-

  • Clipboard or hard surface
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Steps to measure your baby’s feet-

  • Secure a bit of paper on a clipboard or tape it to another hard, compact surface
  • Extend the baby’s leg and hold the foot up to the pape

Put Your Toddler’s Feet into the Perfect Sized Shoes

  • Draw a line at the base of the heel and the top over the tallest toe. Repeat for the other foot
  • Measure the distance between the two lines in centimeters utilizing a ruler. Use the longer of the two measurements

Use this estimation in a baby shoe diagram to decide the toddler’s shoe size.

  1. Using a 1:1 Shoe Sizing Guide Scale:
  • Download a printable child shoe size guide or size converter and set the printing scale to 100%. This will guarantee that the size guide has a similar proportion to the youngster’s foot.
  • Follow the particular guidance given in the shoe size graph or guide that you printed. Each size guide will, in general, have various techniques however when all is said in done, you’ll simply need to give your infant a chance to step on the guide with the greatest toe lined up with the toe in the size guide.
  • Note down the measured numbers and repeat the procedure for the other feet.

** Measure your baby’s feet at the end of the day when her feet are more likely to be swollen and at their largest size.

Using one of the above-mentioned techniques you can easily measure your child’s feet and determine the toddler’s shoe size according to the following charts:

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Put Your Toddler’s Feet into the Perfect Sized Shoes


Baby Shoe Size Chart by Age

As a general guide, use our baby shoe size chart by age which shows foot measurement by a child’s age. These charts will work for most shoe styles and brands at the specified age whether they are sneakers, sandals, or boots. The charts are categorized according to different phase of your baby. The charts are given below-

Infant Shoes Size Chart:

Age In. Cm. Size (US/CA) Size (EU) Size (UK) Size (JP)
Birth–6 weeks 3⅛ 7.9 0 15 0 7.5
6 weeks–3 months 8.3 0.5 16 0.5 8
8.9 1 16 0.5 8.5
3–9 months 3⅝ 9.2 1.5 17 1 9
9.5 2 17 1 9.5
6–9 months 4 10.2 2.5 18 1.5 10
4⅛ 10.5 3 18 2 10.5
9–12 months 10.8 3.5 19 2.5 11
11.4 4 19 3 11.5


Baby Walker Shoes Size Chart (12–24 Months):

Age In. Cm. Size (US/CA) Size (EU) Size (UK) Size (JP)
9–12 months 4⅝ 11.7 4.5 20 3.5 12
12–18 months 12.1 5 20 4 12.5
5 12.7 5.5 21 4.5 13
12–24 months 5⅛ 13 6 22 5 13.5
13.3 6.5 22 5.5 14
14 7 23 6 14.5


Toddler Shoe Size Chart (2–4 Years):

In. Cm. Size (US/CA) Size (EU) Size (UK) Size (JP)
5⅝ 14.3 7.5 24 6.5 15
14.6 8 24 7 15.5
6 15.2 8.5 25 7.5 15.5
6⅛ 15.6 9 25 8 16
15.9 9.5 26 8.5 16.5
16.5 10 27 9 17
6⅝ 16.8 10.5 27 9.5 17.5
17.1 11 28 10 18
7 17.8 11.5 29 10.5 18.5
7⅛ 18.1 12 30 11 18.5


Little Kids’ Shoe Sizes (4–8 Years):

In. Cm. Size (US/CA) Size (EU) Size (UK) Size (JP)
18.4 12.5 30 11.5 19
19.1 13 31 12 19.5
7⅝ 19.4 13.5 31 12.5 20
19.7 1 32 13 20.5
8 20.3 1.5 33 13.5 21
8⅛ 20.6 2 33 1 21.5
21 2.5 34 1.5 21.5
21.6 3 34 2 22


Big Kids’ Shoe Sizes (8–12 Years):

In. Cm. Size (US/CA) Size (EU) Size (UK) Size (JP)
8⅝ 21.9 3.5 35 2.5 22.5
22.2 4 36 3 23
9 22.9 4.5 36 3.5 23.5
9⅛ 23.2 5 37 4 24
23.5 5.5 37 4.5 24.5
24.1 6 38 5 25
9⅝ 24.4 6.5 38 5.5 25.5
24.8 7 39 6 26


But you are not yet done, you are just halfway there. After determining the shoe size you have to ensure the comfort fit.

Here Are Some Tips for Buying Baby Shoes:

Put Your Toddler’s Feet into the Perfect Sized Shoes

  • Add 0.5 – 0.7 inches for the shoes to give your child’s feet enough squirm room and not confine the best possible development of their feet. A poor fit could prompt progressively genuine foot issues later on.
  • Make sure to use the longest foot measurement as a basis for the size. Better have an allowance rather than buy a pair that only fits one foot.
  • It is suggested that foot estimation is taken each 2-3 months in the initial two years of age to guarantee the right shoe size.
  • Enter your pinky between the heel and the counterpart of the baby shoe. You ought to have the option to crush it in. On the off chance that it effectively fits with no exertion, the shoes are too enormous. On the off chance that you can’t press it in, the shoes are excessively little.
  • With your toddler’s shoes on, push on the shoe simply over the longest toe. There ought to be around one finger-widths room between that toe and the highest point of the shoe.
  • You ought to have the option to squeeze a portion of the material between your fingers at the largest point. On the off chance that you can’t do this, at that point they are excessively tight.
  • Before purchasing baby shoes on the web, recognize the measuring standard utilized whether it is in the US, UK or European size to ensure that the size change is right.
  • Different sizing systems are popular in different regions such as Paris Point, British Sizing System, Mondo Point, etc. You should be cautious about which size chart you are using for measuring the shoe size.

High Time to Change Your Baby Shoe:

Children foot estimation become rapidly as their body creates. Children shoe estimating is said to change two sizes every year as their foot estimation increment. Thus, it is important to ensure that their shoes are still the right size as they grow along.

At the point when your infant starts taking off the shoe, hauling it when strolling or when your little child trips as often as possible, it might be the ideal time for greater shoe size. Some of the time, you will likewise see some red marks on their feet which mean their shoes are excessively tight and you have to conform to a greater one.


There you have it – all that you had to think about estimating the ideal shoe size and picking the ideal fit for your infant’s modest little feet. Picking shoes for your baby can be an inconvenient work since they can’t complain to you about it. You must be extremely choosy about this situation and don’t be rushed about that. You are picking your baby’s first strolling shoes so you must be particularly sure that it gets together every one of the criteria. Choosing the right size baby shoe is the key to maintain a perfect fit. So, measure your baby’s feet cautiously before buying shoes. A pair of shoes with the right fit can make a huge difference for your little one. Not only is finding the right size more comfortable for them, but it also promotes healthy foot growth and protects them as they explore their world more and more.

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Baby Shoes Guide for your Baby and Toddler

How to buy the Perfect baby shoes for your First walker


Without any knowledge of baby shoes, shopping will be frustrating. So, we are here to provide you a complete guide, which will help you to buy the best first walking shoe.

  1. Shoe material

Go for soft, breathable, flexible and bendable material to provide you baby the proper comfort. Do not but any shoes with stiff material like plastic.


  1. Sole

Injuries are the common for first walker. So, you should choose skid-proof or anti-slip rubber material as sole.


  1. Closure type

Three type closure is common in baby shoes. Velcro, straps and laces. But when they are started to step for the first time, you need to select a closure which is easy to take on and off. So, among all of them Velcro is the perfect for your little bees. It’s easy to wear and you baby boy or girl can easily wear it own.


  1. Heal type

To protect them from injuries, go with flat sport heal. They need to feel the ground with their feet. So, they need a bendable heal. Avoid high heal.


  1. Shoe size

The size of shoes is most important because their size will be changed within 2-6 months. You need to check you baby’s feet size following the chart.

Age Recommended checking
1-2 Years Every 2 months
3-4 Years Every 4 months
5-6 Years                                               Every 6 months

Hopefully now you are ready to go, chose the perfect baby shoe for first walker. Wish you a happy shopping for you baby boy and girl.


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