Baby Shoes Guide for your Baby and Toddler

Baby Shoes Guide for your Baby and Toddler

Tiny Feet protection is a mandatory matter for your little angel. you will not avoid this matter anymore. You have to know about your little one Comfort and flexibility. Which baby shoes are perfect and which one gives Comfort? It is important to understand when buying baby shoes. here are the best baby shoes guide for your little one. Enjoy!


  1. Choose Soft Sole that made with 100% rubber and adjusts to the floor easily. look for the shoe sole that does not harm your baby skin and avoid toxic materials to use in baby shoes.


  1. Do the FLEXIBILITY test with the simple Lengthwise and Widthwise method.

Marley Mesh Baby Shoes


  1. Measure the size and width carefully. you have to measure every 2 or 3 months because Baby foot grows fast. Keep in mind that you have to give 1CM space for Socks. If the sole length is 10 CM, you will choose 11 CM.


  1. Chose the cotton fabric, air mesh fabric or Marley mesh fabric that functions as breathable. Best baby shoes are equipped with Stretch Fabric and Slip-On Closure that are adjustable by a simple knot.


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