An uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration is very common among toddlers. With this temper tantrums, many other behavioral mishaps are most likely to be seen at the very early stage of upraising. Toddlers are very much attracted to the unknown but you cannot let them every time quench their thirst. Sometimes they may endanger their life being attracted to dangerous elements. Its human nature to be attracted to the things that are forbidden; your child will be no different. The more you ban on things the more they will get curious and angry about those. They cannot suppress their feelings in a proper way. Moreover, they get excited about events not getting their own way. Some toddlers cannot express their needs and wants properly, some face sibling’s rivalry, some have very high expectations from their parents, some are attention seeker but don’t get proper focusing etc.



All these reasons leads to high temperament and at last behavioral problems. No matter what the reasons are you should reflect them promptly and try to correct them or these will remain uncorrected the whole life.

If you are to resolve the behavioral issues first you have to understand what triggers those issues and then how to mitigate them. Some behavioral issues are mentioned below:


It is a very common phenomenon seen among the children’s. Aggressive behavior quite normal in the age range of 1-4years. Amateur impulse control is the main reason that drives aggression. You must be very careful dealing with this behavior. These unwanted behaviors should be dealt with proper care.

Attention Hungry

Your toddler needs your constant attention (especially from mothers). The second you distract your focus from them they will start acting weird. Whatever directs your consideration away from her (a telephone call, for instance) is ordinarily threatening to her very presence. They constantly seek your attention and they won’t compromise a little with this. To their perspective, you are not allowed to do other tasks; all your time is only and only for them.

Screaming/ Whining

Both aggression and attention-seeking lead to screaming. It’s their way of responding to any unwanted situation. Sometimes they feel irritated and start screaming among the crowd to make you feel irritated. Avoid those situations that tempt your toddler and divert her focus from the irritating incident. Don’t even try to impose something on your kid. Imposing anything on your child will turn the situation in the bad phase. You may succeed one or two times but in the long run, you will be the sufferer of their stubbornness.


Running Away

Toddlers don’t want to face their misdeeds. If they messed something up, they will eventually run from that. They tend to run far away without facing the problems. Sometimes they develop a sense of independence and want to be free from any types of bindings. Sometimes they seek your attention and start running knowing that you will run after them. They enjoy these running errands and catching game.


At an early age, your child cannot differentiate between reality and fantasy. His creativity is growing- an active imagination will help them lie. The concept of lying and telling the truth is all the same to your 2-3years old baby. Furthermore, sometimes they simply forget and sometimes they built the angel syndrome where they think very highly of himself and thinks they cannot perform any ill task.


Children tattle to be the ideal child in the eyes of her parents or teacher. Through tattling, they try to express that they are superior to others. Sometimes they just tattle to humiliate other kids those they do not like at all. Often Childs tell lies and tattle against their siblings. Tattling has some positive effects. It also depicts that your baby has the ability to distinguish right from wrong and they want to be on the right side. But complaining about others is not acceptable at all and you should take immediate action against tattling.

Throwing Things

Your toddler may seem to like throwing all the things she found in her grasp. It’s her new type of playing as it involves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Don’t punish her for all the new things she is learning. Rather show her what she can throw. Provide her with a ball to throw and catch thus develop their motor skills.

The above-mentioned behaviors are quite natural to be seen among most of the toddler. Apart from these, they can also display other behavioral problems. You should act accordingly but very gently. Any mistake from your side will worsen the scenario. The situations have to be handled very delicately otherwise it will leave a permanent impression in your child. So be very careful before taking any steps against your child’s actions. You can also discuss your child’s behavior with the child psychiatrist. The common tips are given below showing a way how to mitigate early behavioral problems of your child-

Show your Affection: Don’t scold or provide physical punishment to your child’s wrong deeds. Hugs them, kiss them, praise them for their good deeds. These will eventually lower the wrong deeds rates. When your kid does something terrible keep your cool. Instead of punishing them, provide logical consequences and ask her for an explanation.

Encourage Communication: If your baby outburst into aggression or anger simply wait for your toddler to settle down then ask her what triggers the outrage and show a way how to control it.

Avoid Unwanted Situations: Avoid all those events that irritate your child. Before resolving any behavioral problem, know your child. Provide her with the attention they seek and also study their natural instincts. Know their routine, when they feel hunger, when they want to play, when they get tired and want to go to bed when they like to go outside to play etc. You can also set them a daily routine but follow that strictly. Any irregularity may cause discomfort to your toddler.

Place Your Request: If your child doesn’t want to perform any task but you want the task to be performed, don’t just impose or force them to do that rather request repeatedly and if possible provide an explanation why they should do the task. At last, they will keep your request. But if you force them to do the task it will leave an inverse effect on your toddler’s mind.

Encourage Your Child’s Independence: Offer choices to your baby when possible. Help them to build decision making characteristics from an early age. If their will is respected they will respect your will. It’s a two-way process- give and take.

Set a Proper Example: Children mimic their parents. Don’t forbid something that you personally perform. Those acts will arise a question that moms and dads are doing it; why I can’t!!! Always set a positive example for him or her to follow.

Parenting is not an easy task to perform. You have to be very careful about your every move. Child upbringing won’t be easy but it will come to you eventually when you follow certain tips and tricks. Always try to provide the best for your baby. We are committed to providing the best for your baby. Take a look at our website TooCuteForMe. You will find the best baby shoesbaby accessories and grooming kits here.

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