Every parent wants to upraise their child as a fit & healthy manner. Every parent is concern about the wellbeing of their baby. They also want to maintain a proper psychological condition of their baby. But ensuring proper healthy condition of your baby relates various things. Nurturing a baby in the early stage of their life is a very tough task but every parent has to go to through this phase called parenthood. In order to provide proper nurturing and care, parents have to be very concern about certain things. Parents have to be updated with the evidence-based information about baby care basics.

Understanding the growth process:

Parents have to closely monitor the growth process to detect any growth disorders at a very early stage. Parents mainly have to closely watch 3 growth stages- newborn, infant & toddler. Even among the three stages, the most vital one is the newborn stage. Growth process goes hand in hand with psycho-social development. A healthy baby tends to have a healthy psychological i.e. brain development. So, it is very much important to closely observe the physical growth process and take the necessary measures to ensure proper health.



To ensure optimal child growth there is no alternative to healthy food habit. Both the physical and psychological development in the early stages closely related to baby’s diet. There are various definitions of good food for the baby. To ensure essential nutrition and growth elements parents ask for a balanced diet. In the commercial world, every product claim they are the best. Parents easily fall prey to this eye-catching commercials. But parents should provide emphasize on the components or ingredients of the products they are buying. Parents should have a clear conception of their baby’s needs & wants. Parents should consult with a pediatrician and build up a healthy food chart for their baby. The pediatrician can help parents understand what would be the best for the baby.


Healthy eating habit:

A healthy eating habit that grows in the early stage of life can go a life-long distance. Every parent should encourage healthy food habits from the start when your baby just starting to eat the outside food. Now-a-days pediatricians advise moms to follow baby-led feeding. Instead of a schedule or forceful feeding, feed your infant when they crave for it. It will not only create interest in food but also increase the appetite of your baby. A recent study shows that your baby will consume more food this way. But some babies have apathy towards foods and in such cases, you may have to be forceful to a certain extent. We will advise you to consult with your pediatricians if you face those conditions. Parents should keep experimenting by exposing the baby to a various range of taste to generate various taste habits of your baby. The only job you have that you have to ensure the proper diet. It should be your baby’s call; how much they are going to consume should be left up to them. That’s the main motto of building a healthy food habit.

Healthy eating habit:

Child Psychology:

To properly interact with your baby you should have minimal knowledge of psychology. You have to understand the mental state of your baby in order to build a strong parent-child relationship. Every child has its own unique mind and a creative world. In order to enter into your child’s world, you should first observe the world; you should first study the psychological behaviors of your baby. The study will reveal much more about your child and help you to easily interact with your baby. The study will also ease the bonding process and it is very much important that you create a special mental bond with your baby from the early stage. It will not only ensure proper mental development but also keep your baby happy during their development phase. You won’t have to dive deep into the psychology but a little knowledge will ease your parenting period.


Nurture creativity:

The creative nature of your baby should be nurtured properly because it will help create a creative genius later on. Don’t always forbid them or instruct them to do this and that. The learning they will learn by doing mistakes will stay a lifetime in their minds. If you will be their instructor then how they’ll learn. You will not be by their side forever. The structure you curve at the early stage will remain lifelong. But you should maintain the safety of your baby. Always remember physical punishment is not a solution to the mischiefs your baby does. It will create an adverse effect on your baby’s mind.

 Nurture creativity

Positive Parenting:

Ensure that your baby is getting all the positivity of the life. Don’t let any negativity to pass through your screening process. At the early stage, babies mind represent a piece of white paper. If you write dirty words, then the paper will be stuffed with the dirty letters. Like the paper, the process can’t be undone and it will leave a permanent impression on your baby. So, you should be very concern before about the environment you are providing to your baby. Positive parenting enhances the self-confidence among the baby. It will also help create other virtues. Recognize the good deeds of your baby. If you start to appreciate the good deeds then the ratio of bad deeds will fall noticeably. Every child wants to acquire their parent’s confidence. And if you start recognizing their good deeds then they will eventually perform those good deeds and be in your good book. Do not follow any strict disciplinary actions because in most cases it will end up with undesirable child-rearing practices. Don’t misbehave with your baby because what you will provide you’ll get that on return. Keep in mind that your baby is the reflection of your inner characteristics.

Positive Parenting


Have you consider the term self-concept in bringing up your baby!! If you never heard of it then start today. Most of the child researchers think it as the most vital factor in the case of forging your baby’s characteristics. Self-concept makes the man we are today; it defines & reshapes us. If we believe that we are a good person then we will act so. The self-concept can be changed later on throughout the journey of life but there is no harm in building a positive image of your child in the early stage. If you can successfully program your child’s mind at the very beginning of their life then it is most likely that they will bear those values and concepts their whole life. Mothers play a great role in this regard as babies mostly imitate their mother and spend the capital portion of their childhood with their moms.

So, bringing up your baby is not an easy task. Parents have to be very careful about certain issues. These articles only cover a portion of it. We are trying to ease your early parenting phase because we care for you and your baby. We are also providing the best items that you will require during the parenthood period. Take a look at our website TooCuteForMe. You will find the best baby accessories and grooming kits here.

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