Baby Shoes Guide for your Baby and Toddler


Without any knowledge of baby shoes, shopping will be frustrating. So, we are here to provide you a complete guide, which will help you to buy the best first walking shoe.

  1. Shoe material

Go for soft, breathable, flexible and bendable material to provide you baby the proper comfort. Do not but any shoes with stiff material like plastic.


  1. Sole

Injuries are the common for first walker. So, you should choose skid-proof or anti-slip rubber material as sole.


  1. Closure type

Three type closure is common in baby shoes. Velcro, straps and laces. But when they are started to step for the first time, you need to select a closure which is easy to take on and off. So, among all of them Velcro is the perfect for your little bees. It’s easy to wear and you baby boy or girl can easily wear it own.


  1. Heal type

To protect them from injuries, go with flat sport heal. They need to feel the ground with their feet. So, they need a bendable heal. Avoid high heal.


  1. Shoe size

The size of shoes is most important because their size will be changed within 2-6 months. You need to check you baby’s feet size following the chart.

Age Recommended checking
1-2 Years Every 2 months
3-4 Years Every 4 months
5-6 Years                                               Every 6 months

Hopefully now you are ready to go, chose the perfect baby shoe for first walker. Wish you a happy shopping for you baby boy and girl.


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