You will definitely be horrified knowing that studies are showing disposable nappies are toxic for your baby. The chemical levels on those diapers were above the safety threshold. And what actually is happening- your baby’s delicate skin is coming in contact with these chemicals for an extended time period. Your baby’s sensitive skin is eventually more vulnerable to these chemicals. The baby’s skin acts more like a sifter and enables a greater number of substances to pass through.  Also, the surface territory proportion to body-weight for a child is 3-5 times more prominent than a grown-up, implying that anything entered through the skin is more concentrated on a baby than an adult. So, you have to be very cautious about what is getting in contact with your baby’s skin.

There are many potential chemicals that may be included in your baby’s diaper. These synthetic compounds stay facing a baby’s regenerative organs every minute of every day for as much as 2 years while those organs are developing and growing. And the diaper making company won’t have to share the information with you. There is no law regarding force them to put the ingredients on the package. Even an adult mini shampoo packs have their ingredients printed on the back; here we are talking about a sensitive baby product- what an irony!!!


For a start, use cloth nappies as much as possible.  With fabric nappies, you can have confidence that it is a characteristic fiber, has no absorbency fillers, no carcinogens, no hormone-disturbing or skin-aggravating synthetic concoctions, and no scents. But if you are worried about the residue chemicals, you can simply wash them a few times and it will rinse out most of the chemicals. But the rinsing will not affect the water-absorbing capability of a cloth diaper. If you need to use disposables for protection against a considerable period, search for the best eco-disposable out there. It will not completely withdraw the threats but it will definitely mitigate them.

Reusable fabric diapers are additionally better for the environment. Disposable diapers use two to three times more water, twenty times more raw materials like crude oil and wood pulp, as well as large amounts of chemicals, including toxic chlorine. They also generate sixty times more undegradable solid waste. It isn’t just the measure of plastic and human waste that winds up in landfills that are unsettling yet additionally to what extent they continue in nature, as it has been evaluated that they can take 250-500 years to break down.

We have disclosed to you some horrifying information about what is in disposable nappies. It is not intended to make anyone feel bad about using disposable nappies, but rather to inform you to help you make the right choices in the future. We call a spade a spade- no matter how bitter it sounds! Rather than promoting our products, this blog is published to make you aware of the safety issues of your baby.


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Reusable diapers are an astonishing and viable option in contrast to the risky dispensable plastic diapers that are tragically so widely used. They are not just better for the soundness of your child; however, they are additionally better for the health of our shared planet. Things have changed in the nappy world and there is currently an immense assortment of items on offer crossing a wide scope of attributes and it’s absolutely overwhelming and confusing for anybody trying to learn the new language of Modern Cloth Nappies. Don’t know where to look for those reusable diapers? We can help you. We have especially brought to you the best available cloth diaper in the market. Take a look-

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These diapers are 100% Cotton made that ensures the comfort of your baby. The gentle elastic won’t provide unusual pressure but guarantees that it will stay at its position. The cotton diaper prevents any rashes or irritation against contact with your baby’s sensitive skin. It won’t cause slight discomfort to your baby even in extended use. Apart from health issues, your baby will appear adorable wearing these cute cartoon pattern diapers. It will perfectly perform its sole purpose that it will prevent leakage and keeps your baby dry for a considerable amount of period. It can quickly dry out and lock the liquid into its water locking surface. Just wrap them around your baby’s waist and stay tension-free for a long time.




Unlike disposable diapers, these nappies can be reused multiple times. All you have to do is clean the used diaper properly and it will ready to be used again. You don’t have to rush 10 times a day carrying the used diapers to the trash bin. These all-night diapers will be your baby’s perfect sleep companion. Consider the best for your baby and switch to these washable and reusable cloth diapers.

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How to Wash

Stage 1: Flush the dirty diaper into the toilet bowl and place ruined things in a shut receptacle until you are prepared to wash.

Stage 2: Hurl the flushed ruined things in the clothes washer and wash with boiling water utilizing a detergent.

Stage 3: Hang things to dry in the daylight or place in a machine dryer on hot for an hour and a half. Diapers will shrink with the initial three washes.

This procedure should keep your reusable clean diapers clean and Smelling Fresh!

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