Prewalker Floral Soft Sole Shoes

Prewalker Floral Soft Sole Baby Shoes are made using 100% soft cotton materials which provide ultra-comfort to the wearer.

It is constructed using environmental and baby-friendly materials. Soft cotton blend toddlers shoes provide optimum breathability and flexibility.

It has spaciousness and softness as much as required to resist any red mark or irritation formation on your child’s feet. Velcro hook and loop closure can be easily adjustable while still being comfortable and not too tight.

This fastening system allows you to adjust according to your baby’s feet girth. Its soft stretchable material ensures the rapid growth of the babies.


  • Environmental-friendly upper material
  • Soft cotton blend shoes with optimum breathability & flexibility.
  • Provides feather-soft feel to your baby’s feet
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Floral decorated fastening band

Just put these amazing shoes on your baby’s feet and enhance the beauty of your baby girl. Get it for your princess!




***SALE PRICE: $14.70

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