Running "AIR MESH" breathable shoes

These are the coolest running “AIR MESH” breathable shoes for your your little one. They are fashionable, soft and light, and when your baby run will feel more flexible and comfortable.

On the other hand “AIR MESH” knit fabric Provides air circulation and support even during strenuous activities.These shoes come with Three color PINK,RED and WHITE and SIZE start form 6 to 12.


UNIQUE Features of the Our running shoes are Synthetic sole,Knit fabric,Ultra Light Natural Rubber Material,Clasp Fasteners, Arched Ankle,Edge Style With Wave Pattern and have various options to satisfy your needs.


Your baby can wear for jogging, running machines, and short distance travel.Suitable seasons is spring and summer and age range from 12 to 34 month.Before order Please see the Actual SIZE .


***PRICE: $23

***BUY NOW: Running “AIR MESH” breathable shoes

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