Sparkling Mermaid Pattern Pencil Sequined Leggings

The Brand New Sparkling Mermaid Pattern Pencil Sequined Leggings will clearly add an additional flair to your daughter’s appearance. The greenish sparkling colors and mermaid tail prints are certain to bring her a lot of grins! The high

caliber expandable cotton & acrylic texture feels good on enormous undertakings and stretches effectively to stay aware of your dynamic little girl. A delicate versatile elastic waistband guarantees a comfortable fit and makes it easier to get on and off. Mother will have a great time blending these tights with favorite tops to create new outfits.


  • Made of 100% superior quality cotton & acrylic fabric
  • Shiny fish scale sequined pattern with amazing texture
  • Stretchy fabric with comfortable skin fit
  • A gentle elastic waistband for a snug fit
  • Easily blended with any upper outfits
  • Mid waist type pencil pants

So, Make your baby girl look more delightful & attractive than ever in this Mermaid Pattern Pencil Sequined Leggings!




***SALE PRICE:  $14.70

BUY NOW: Sparkling Mermaid Pattern Pencil Sequined Leggings

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