Don’t just ignore your baby’s tears; she may be trying to tell you something. Most of the time they try to tell you something. As a parent it’s your task to interpret those. Crying is an innate communication pattern but a bawling baby can be very annoying even for the parents. Each type of cry has its own specific signature and each of them urges for specific maternal caregiving.

Babies cry in numerous ways and patterns. Most guardians figure out a way how to recognize those patterns and act accordingly within the fourteen days of their birth. Guardians perceive their own baby by the sound of his cries inside the primary month of life. Moms recognize the intensity and recurrence of cries, and these traits assist them with interpreting cries precisely.


Baby crying has its own pattern and ways of behavior. With close observation of those behaviors, parents can accurately understand the meaning of each and every crying. Moreover, the same nature of crying can be different at different times of the day. Only the mother can precisely understand those particular crying natures. Hence, crying is a type of correspondence between child and mother.


A cry is the newborn child’s first verbal correspondence. It is a message of desperation or distress. The sound is nature’s method for guaranteeing that grown-ups attend to the baby as fast as possible after hearing the crying. Kids have a cry reflex that is a general response to improvements, for example, torment, hunger, fear and so on.

The basic reasons for baby crying are given below:

  1. Hunger

This is most likely the primary thing you consider when you heard your child cries. Figuring out how to perceive the indications of hunger will assist you in supporting your infant before the crying stage. Some craving signs to look for in infants incorporate fussing or lip-smacking. They additionally show a reflex turning their head towards you when you stroke their cheek. Another essential sign is putting their hands to their mouths.

  1. Stomach Ache

Another reason for the baby’s endless crying is stomach problems from colic and gas. Baby’s liver and other digestive organs are not fully functioning at the early stage. They cannot consume any complex structured foods. Even a slight irregularity in their food habits may cause problems. An incidental episode of gas torment can make her hopeless until it passes. In the event that you speculate gas, try putting her on her back, hold onto her feet, and moving her legs in a circular bicycling movement.

  1. Needs to Burp

Burping is not essential. But if your baby starts crying just after feeding then you may assume that your baby either needs to release gas or burp. Air can get into your baby’s tummy while they suck liquid or eat something. The incorporation of air into your baby’s tummy can cause discomfort. Some babies are heavily annoyed having air in their tummy. So, after feeding when they cannot release those discomfort air bubbles, they started crying. So, you can easily distinguish this type of crying signature.

  1. Unhygienic Situation

Sometimes baby itself sends you signal that their diaper expires and needs to be changed right away. But they send you the signal in a different manner- by crying. And it’s your duty to understand those signals through deductions or your instincts. When the diaper cannot soak anymore liquid then it starts irritating your baby. Your baby will let you know by crying about the unhygienic situation. If you let your baby wear a diaper for an extended period then it may cause rashes or other skin problems.

  1. Sleeping Need

Another point when your baby starts crying when they need sleep. When they are totally exhausted by playing or doing other tasks; instead of falling asleep they started crying. Babies can get cranky when they get exhausted. You can easily make them calm by breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a very effective way by which you can easily stop your baby from crying and put them on sleep. You can also sing them a lullaby to make them stop crying before sleep time.

  1. When they need a cuddle

Sometimes baby’s want to be got hold by the mother. They feel at ease in contact with her mom’s skin. The special bonding creates when the mother holds the baby on her arm or put her on her lap. They cannot just ask for it; so they express their need through crying. When babies do not see their parents face or hear their voices for a long time they start crying. Babies seek constant attention from their parents.

  1. Temperature isn’t quite right

When they feel cold or hot they will certainly let you know by crying. When you forgot to dress her properly or the dress is not quite warm or while you remove her clothes to change the diaper they may feel chilly and start crying to let you know. On the contrary in the hot summer when you overdress them or when the diaper causes discomfort they start crying. You need to put them into the right clothing set in which they will feel at ease.

  1. If they don’t feel well

The above-mentioned causes of crying is their natural way of communicating with you in a daily basis. But sometimes they may not feel well. Babies start crying in a high pitch voice when a major problem arises. As a parent you have to understand those peak pitchy noises. As a mother when you heard those noises you will instantly feel there is something wrong with your child.

  1. When they get over stimulation

Baby’s notice everything happening around them and learn. They want to capture everything that happens before their eyes. They wants to grab and observe everything around them. But as they are very small sometimes their underdeveloped brain cannot process all those simultaneous events at a time. When they cannot process all those they start crying.

  1. Constipation

When you cannot justify any reason for your baby’s crying, look for their bowel movement. She should have poop after every two feeding. Your baby may have her own bowel movement, check for it. If you find any irregularities in her bowel movement then record those. The markings will let you take to the source of the problem. You should change the food habits of your little baby when constipation problem arises.

Calm your newborn or interpret her crying is not an easy task but you will eventually learn then on your parenting journey. To make your journey even more easy  TooCuteForMe has brought to you different baby accessories and grooming kits.

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